The JJP HOA Board has decided to cancel all activities indefinately due to COVID-19 virus.

We appreciate you understanding and hope you and your loved ones remain well. If the JJP HOA can be of service, please call the hotline number (732) 723-8181.

Our neighborhoods, JJP HOA and the Reservation NA, are currently experiencing a breakout of coronavirus.

As a resident in the JJP HOA we must take care of our community, our neighbors, and ourselves. Please follow the guidelines to keep our community in a more favorable position against getting/spreading the virus. We must all take responsibility to protect ourselves and our community.

  • Avoid contact with others in the community if a family member in your house has been ill.
  • Get tested if you feel ill or have been in contact with someone that is infected with COVID-19.
  • Be a good neighbor and think about how your actions affect others. Do not go out into the community until you know the results of your test or if you are not feeling well. Please do not increase the odds of infecting others. Be a good neighbor. Even if you are not worried about becoming infected, many people in our neighborhood have underlying health conditions and could be more severely affected by contracting this virus.
  • Social Distance – Separate yourself from others by six feet when possible.
  • Wear a mask – The CDC says this helps you from spreading viruses and somewhat protects you from receiving viruses.

Residents are asked to help prevent spread of the virus by practicing non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as social distancing (avoiding close contact with other people, especially those who are sick), covering coughs and sneezes, and hand hygiene. Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces, and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands. If you are sick, stay home.

Please click here to visit the Dallas County COVID-19 website for the latest updates and information.

Click here for additional information at the City of Richardson COVID-19 website.

Click here for the CDC’s latest guidelines for safe holiday celebrations and gatherings.

Click here for additional COVID-19 information in our JJ Pearce HOA Resource Center.