Welcome to the JJ Pearce Neighborhood

Ask any one of us and we’ll tell you we absolutely love living here! Our neighborhood is a suburban development in North Texas located within the City of Richardson. Our homes lie within Dallas County and the Richardson Independent School District. We’re proud of our great schools, walkable retail, and convenient proximity to top employers in the Telecom Corridor. In addition to that, we like being around each other! Our active community makes our neighborhood one of the most sought after in the area for young families and retirees alike.


The first homes were built in the JJ Pearce Addition (as it was originally named) in 1978, with development continuing into the early 1980s. The “addition” was to be a housing development adjacent to the recently built JJ Pearce High School, both named in honor of long time RISD superintendent Dr. Joseph Jones Pearce (1946–1977). Many credit Dr. Pearce for establishing the foundation of a highly effective and recognized school district at both the state and national level, beginning with a single rural campus at the time. Dr. Pearce lived in the JJ Pearce Addition until he passed in 1995.

Dr. Joseph Jones Pearce

Dr. Joseph Jones Pearce

About the JJ Pearce Homeowners Association

The JJ Pearce Homeowners Association (JJP HOA) is not your typical HOA. First of all, our membership is entirely voluntary. Instead, the purpose of our HOA is to be an organization of citizens that enhances the safety, beauty, and quality of life in the JJ Pearce neighborhood as well as the Richardson area, and to solve problems where we live, work, and raise our children. The JJP HOA strives to bring together neighbors to promote community involvement, safety, social activities, and neighborhood pride. Although voluntary, an overwhelming majority of our residents are members and participate in our organization.

JJP HOA is an all volunteer 501c(4) nonprofit organization of residents that live within the JJ Pearce neighborhood. Established in the late 1970s, we are proudly one of the most active and organized neighborhood associations in the Richardson area.

Our association maintains the park at Senior Way and Mimosa, recognizes “Yards of the Month,” and hosts seasonal social events that help residents of all ages and backgrounds foster new relationships. The Association also organizes an active Crime Watch Patrol in cooperation with the City of Richardson, and publishes a monthly newsletter available to members in print, email, and on this website.

General meetings are held annually, while the Board of Directors hold meetings monthly, which are open for all members to attend.

This fine organization, plus a beautiful development built near excellent schools and popular retail, make JJ Pearce neighbors proud of where they call home.

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